Music Mash

Developed and deployed within 24 hours, Flutter web app for comparing your Spotify music library with friends.

Demo Video

Dev Overview

Work has Fedex days where you have 24 hours to complete a project from scratch. I created MusicMash.

  • Back end - NodeJS hosted on AWS
  • Front end - Flutter web (and some raw javscript/html/css)
  • Express +
  • Spotify OAth
  • Spotify REST API

Back end
Uses express and to handle communication with APIs/front end

Front end
Uses raw js/html/css + bootstrap in files under pages directory. Once user is signed in and has Spotify access token, the rest of the app is built with Dart + the Flutter framework under app/flutter-web-app/music_mash. Because I did not want to install flutter framework on the server, the build directory is also included in the commit

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