The Move
Dev Overview

Lead/Sole Developer - Fully functioning social media:
Create Moves. See where friends are going. Update Profile. Manage Friends, Messaging, Notifications, Firebase real time DB, Flutter, Google Maps, IAP, DB Security, iOS + Android. Upload stories. Manage business.

The Move LLC is a company started by me and 2 friends. The Move took around 1.5 years to complete the MVP, including planning, structure, and implementing many changes. I was the sole/lead developer for The Move during the entire development of the MVC. The Move is a social media for going out. It includes everything your used to on a social media platform. In app messaging, add and remove friends by username or QRCode, update profile image, etc. You can create a 'Move' in your area, see who is going where, and upload stories to Moves. For more information on what the app does, view the AppStore Listing section.

We spent months listing the app's requirements, designing the architecture for the database and the app itself, and designing the UI. I personally designed the database and app architecture while only helping with UI ideas. I created documents for every class in the app. Created documents for every entry in the NoSQL database. We did end up changing the direction we were going and scrapping around half of the inital planning, but the way we laid out the entire app allowed us to implement these changes without re-developing the entire thing.

App is written in Flutter and uses Firestore NoSQL database for real time updates and Node.js for backend. App has in app messaging, DM your friends or create group chats that delete after 24 hours. Add friends by searching for username, contacts, or using your custom QRCode. You can create up to two moves a day that will be displayed to anyone within a 10 mile radius. Notifications to users for top moves, deals in their area, messaging, etc. Users can choose what to be notified on in the settings. Take pictures and upload them as stories to each move. These stories are only visible by your friends and delete after 24 hours. Figure out what The Move is in your area by seeing how many people and which of your friends are going to each move. Businesses can add their local business that will stay on the listing permanently. Businesses can purchase a permium subscription to list daily deals that will display a banner on their listing. A lot of functionality exists in this app as it is a complete social media.

AppStore Listing

Plan and share the good times! View and add local events, vote for where you are going, and always know the move in your College town.

What's The Move:
View and add local events such as tailgates, parties, clubs, or bars to your area's move board. Vote for where you are going and watch the most popular move rise to the top of the list! Votes reset at 4 a.m.

See who’s going:
Always know the move by expanding your network of friends to see their moves and always know who is going where.

Add to the story:
Stories by the move allows you to view and upload photos and videos to events that you're attending that is viewable by everyone in your area.

Plan your night:
Tired of being in 50 group chats that no one uses anymore? We were too. Plan your night with our intuitive group chats. Create a permanent group chat, direct message, or have a “one-night stand” and add your friends to plan, chat, and share memories about your night in a 24-hour group message. It’s all the fun with no long-term commitments.

Add friends:
Create your own closed network of friends to share the places you are going with only those that are closest to you. Quickly add or find friends by searching their username, scanning their code, or connecting your contacts to invite them to join the move!

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